I am a philosopher at the Institute of Philosophy at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. I work in metaphysics, especially (any aspect of) modality. I also organize Issues on the (Im)Possible conferences. I'm the Editor-in-Chief of journal Organon F. Happiest married to Daniela.



June 7 - 8, 2023 (Bratislava, SLOVAKIA) 


Sondra Bacharach

(Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)

John Divers

(Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

Marie Duží

(Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic)

Graham Priest

 (The City University of New York, The United States)

David Shoemaker

(Cornell University, The United States)


We invite submissions for a 30-minute presentation, discussion excluded. The conference focuses on analytic philosophy. The areas of interest include, but are not limited to modal metaphysics, metaphysics of art and fiction, hyperintensionality, metaphysics of responsibility and agency, modal epistemology, and metaontology. We encourage submissions related to the themes of the project Pavel Tichý on Individuals, Roles, and God (www.tichyproject.com). 

An abstract of approximately 500 words should be prepared for blind review and include a cover page with the full name, institution, and contact information. Abstracts can be submitted in pdf or doc(x) and should be sent to impossible@savba.sk.





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