25 years In Contradiction

07/12/2012 00:00

Well, it's been 25 years since Graham Priest 'changed the worlds'. The conference is a proof that it really happened. See details below. 


7-9 December 2012, University of Glasgow


In Contradiction is the first serious defence of the view that there are true contradictions (dialetheism), as a response to the paradoxes of self-
reference. The transition of dialetheism from a view on the ‘lunatic fringe’, to be dismissed with an incredulous stare, to one of the major
players in the debate surrounding truth and paradox, is one of the most significant developments in philosophical logic of the last 30 years.
Priest’s work and, in particular, In Contradiction has been central to the development of dialetheism, with the latter (now expanded in its second
edition) still regarded as the view’s canonical text.


In this conference, we wish to mark the 25th anniversary of In Contradiction by hosting a selection of papers assessing the state of the

art for dialetheism, the problems it faces and avenues for future research.


Keynote Speakers:


J.C. Beall (Connecticut)

Graham Priest (CUNY/Melbourne)

Stewart Shapiro (Ohio State)

Alan Weir (Glasgow)



Martin Vacek
Institute of Philosophy, v.v.i.
Klemensova 19
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