AAP Stream on the Extent of Impossibility

15/03/2018 11:59

New Zealand Association of Philosophy 

Australasian Association of Philosophy 

8 - 1 2 JULY 

Victoria University of Wellington NEW ZEALAND 


Modal Metaphysics: The Extent of Impossibility 

Convenors: Martin Vacek (Slovak Academy of Sciences) 

The concept of a possible world, a way things could have been, has found many applications in philosophy as it played a crucial role in ‘intensional revolution’. However, the intensional move did not go far enough. Since many fundamental notions in philosophy are hyperintensional, they cannot be analysed by standard possible worlds apparatus. The so-called 'hyperintensional revolution’ gave rise to the concept of impossible world, a way things cannot be. The aim of this stream will be to explore the metaphysics of impossible worlds and new ways of analysing various hyperintensional phenomena by use of them.




Martin Vacek
Institute of Philosophy, v.v.i.
Klemensova 19
811 09