Conceivability & Modality International Conference Sapienza University, Rome June 19th-20th, 2017

21/06/2017 11:19

Back from an amazing conference on modal epistemlogy. To give you a clue, below is a description. Idle to say how great it was to see where the discussion goes and how it follows debates in modal metaphysics

(1) conceivability & modal epistemology 

(2) logic of conceivability 

(3) history of conceivability 

We are interested in the investigation of conceivability in its different forms and possible relationship to modal reasoning and knowledge. Some of the issues that we would like to explore include but are not limited to the following: whether and to what extent conceiving and imagining can cast light on modality; what is the relationship between counterfactual reasoning and modal reasoning; and whether there is a logic of conceivability/imagination. Most interesting to us is the role of conceivability/imagination coming out of the latest empiricist trends in modal epistemology. Moreover, we are further interested in the history of conceivability—its origin and developments both in the Western tradition (esp. Descartes-Hume-XX century analytic philosophy) and in the non-Western traditions. 

Confirmed speakers: 

Francesco Berto (University of Amsterdam) 

Albert Casullo (Nebraska) 

Boris Kment (Princeton) 

Tito Magri (Sapienza) 

Antonella Mallozzi (The Graduate Center – CUNY) 

Daniel Nolan (Notre Dame) 

Jonathan Schaffer (Rutgers) 

Tom Schoonen (University of Amsterdam) 

Anand Vaidya (San Jose State University) 

Barbara Vetter (Freie Universität Berlin)


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