Issues on the (Im)Possible Conference report, pictures, abstracts...

24/09/2013 09:54

Due to the Modal Metaphysics: Issues on the (Im)Possible Conference there have been no updates for quite a long time. Now, as the conference is over, I think it deserves a mention. As advertised, it had a brilliant line-up featuring the keynotes John Divers (Leeds) and Franz Berto (Aberdeen) and  speakers from all around the world. All the info on the conference can be found here, including abstracts and some pictures. There‚Äôll also appear a report from the conference soon as well as (hopefully) the proceedings. We plan to arrange a special issue of Organon F Journal of analytic philosophy so, if interested, check these sites frequently. Finally, let me again thank to all who attended the conference. They all made it fascinating. 



Martin Vacek
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