JOB: SASPRO - Mobility Programme of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (Bratislava)

02/05/2014 21:22

SASPRO - Mobility Programme of the Slovak Academy of Sciences 

The Institute of Philosophy at the Slovak Academy of Sciences welcomes pre-applications for this year’s SASPRO Mobility Programme in *Philosophy* (with a primary area of analytic philosophy). Programme SASPRO is an initiative of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) aimed at the creation of appropriate and incentive working conditions for researchers coming from abroad. Under this Programme SAS offers them the opportunity to apply for jobs in scientific organisations of SAS. The objective of the Programme SASPRO is to strengthen SAS scientific organisations by researchers from top-level foreign institutions and provide them with an opportunity to broaden and deepen their scientific and other expertise and skills. It is also an effort to improve the SAS liaison with foreign institutions and build a network of contacts that will facilitate international cooperation. The programme permits the application for a fellowship between 12 to 36 months. All the details of the Programme SASPRO can be found at 


Applicants are required to hold a PhD in philosophy. S/he has an international orientation and must demonstrate expertise in philosophy, with evidence of the ability to undertake significant research in one of the following areas: 

  • Metaphysics 
  • Epistemology 
  • Logic 
  • Philosophy of Language 
  • Philosophical Methodology 
  • Analytical Ethics 
  • Rationality 

We also expect the candidate to actively contribute to existing projects at the Institute to participate at the Institute’s activities including (but not limited to) departmental seminars, workshops, reading groups and conferences 


The height of living allowance is determined by the length of work experience of incoming scientist. Amounts are stated pre-tax, including mandatory deductions of the employer and employee: 

  • 1-5 years of experience after obtaining PhD: €2860 - 3140 per month (full-time) 
  • 6-10 years of experience after obtaining PhD: €3640 - 3900 per month (full-time) 
  • 11-14 years of experience after obtaining PhD: €4000 – 4280 per month (full-time) 

This is full-time postdoctoral position. We expect candidates do not hold any other full-time contract. 


If you would like to participate in this year’s SASPRO competition with a project in philosophy, please send your CV and List of Publications a project abstract (max. 750 words) to . The deadline for the pre-application is May 15th, 2014. Based on the quality of the pre-applications, the Institute of Philosophy will select candidates with whom they will enter the general application process for as SASPRO fellowship. Please email all informal enquires to 


Institute of Philosophy was founded in 1946 as a part of Slovak Academy of Sciences and Arts. In 1953, when Slovak Academy of Sciences was established, the Institute became its member. In 1975 the Institute was merged with the Institute of Sociology under the heading Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of Slovak Academy of Sciences. In 1990, after political changes in Czechoslovakia, the institutes separated from each other, andthe Institute returned to its original name Institute of Philosophy of Slovak Academy of Sciences. The research activities at the Institute cover a broad range of topics from analytic philosophy and philosophy of science, through social and political philosophy, phenomenology, history of philosophical and political thinking to ethics. The research is realized at the departments. 

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