Oklahoma Graduate Conference 2013 Appreciation

02/04/2013 04:37

As the Oklahoma Graduate Conference 2013 is over I think it’s the best time to appreciate several people responsible for it. Namely, let me say a big THANKS to organizers of the conference, namely Max Parish and and Kelly Epley. They just made a fantastic job. Next, I must admit that the commentators of my paper, Andrew Russo and Rob Byer (together with the audience and another speakers) have pointed out several crucial issues of my paper and I am sure that their comments will improve the overall quality of it. My stay in Oklahoma would not be actual without a great hospitality of (already mentioned) Kelly   and her husband   Pat who accommodated me for the duration of the event. Also, I must mention Branden Fitelson, whose excellent keynote and passion for philosophy made the conference both exciting and philosophically appealing. Finally, I must mention Wayne Riggs as he graciously offered to host an after-dinner party – a hilarious end of the conference. 



Martin Vacek
Institute of Philosophy, v.v.i.
Klemensova 19
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