Real Possibilities, Real Absences? workshop

29/11/2014 11:45

I am glad to be a part of an upcoming workshop Real Possibilities, Real Absences?, featuring quite interesting speakers. So if you're in the vicinity of Cologne in December 4-5, you should not miss it. 


Invited Speakers: 

  • Sara Bernstein (Duke University): Omission Impossible 
  • Steven French (University of Leeds): Doing Away with Dispositions: Towards a Law-Based View of Modality in Science 
  • Andreas Hüttemann (Universität zu Köln): Conditional Metaphysical Necessity 
  • Siegfried Jaag (Université de Luxembourg): Real Laws, Real Explanations and Natural Necessities 
  • Daniel Nolan (Australian National University): Noncausal Dispositions 
  • Antje Rumberg (Universität Konstanz): Branching Time, Real Possibilities and Potentialities 
  • Carolina Sartorio (University of Arizona at Tuscon): Omissions, Possibilities, and the Ability to Do Otherwise 
  • Richard Woodward (Universität Hamburg): The Structure of Necessity





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