The Ninth Principia International Symposium on Possible Worlds

19/06/2015 15:22

Waw, such a nice event with such people on the list. Glad to be there. 


The Ninth Principia International Symposium will be held in Florianopolis, Brazil, from August 17th to 20th, 2015, focusing on possible worlds and their applications in philosophy and the sciences. Possible worlds have been widely used in many areas of philosophy, in particular, in metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophy of physics, and philosophical logic. 

This Symposium is being organized by the Epistemology and Logic Research Group (NEL-UFSC), in association with Principia, and supported by the Graduate Program in Philosophy and the Philosophy Department of Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil. 


Invited Speakers 


  • Andre Leclerc (Federal University of Ceara) 
  • Christopher Menzel (Texas A&M University) 
  • Daniel Nolan (Australian National University) 
  • Guido Imaguire (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) 
  • Jeffrey Barrett (University of California, Irvine) 
  • John Divers (University of Leeds) 
  • Marco Ruffino (State University of Campinas) 
  • Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara (Dipartimento di Filosofia, Universit√† di Firenze) 
  • Newton Carneiro da Costa (Federal University of Santa Catarina) 
  • Oswaldo Chateaubriand (Catholic University, Rio de Janeiro) 
  • Otavio Bueno (University of Miami) Peter van Inwagen (University of Notre Dame) 
  • Roberta Ballarin (University of British Columbia) 
  • Roberto Giuntini (University of Cagliari)



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