Varieties of Realism/Anti-Realism

09/06/2013 10:18

Just back from Ruzomberok, I’m quite happy to see how great slovak philosophy conferences could be. The conference I have in mind is the Varieties of Realism/Anti-Realism organized by the  d epartment of philosophy at the Catholic University in  Ruzomberok . Featuring Ladislav Kvasz, Jaroslav Peregrin and Daniel Cohnitz, the conference discussed various positions concerning realism and anti-realism. And I was, or course, glad to contribute. Let me mention various people responsible for it. Firstly, it is Pavol Labuda and Eugen Zelanak whose project covered the conference. Secondly, it is speakers and the audience that participated. Finally, PhD students in Ruzomberok. Thanks to all!




Martin Vacek
Institute of Philosophy, v.v.i.
Klemensova 19
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