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It is been a while I'd created this folder. Being aware of the controversy behind the conception, I still think that the debate is not over and extended modal realists - IF ANY - have something to say. The aim of the page is therefore to present some arguments that meet some of the lethal...
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The Nature of Representation Project

This project is worth of noting given the amount of money included as well as great job oportunities it provides. Check it out!   Robert Williams (Leeds) has been awarded European funding for his project "The Nature of Representation. He has been awarded a 1.5 million euro European...
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Organon F Changes!

For those planning to submit a paper to Organon F journal of philosophy, please consider the following changes:   Dear Readers and Supporters of Organon F,   Due to our intention to make the journal accessible to the widest possible public, and thus increase the interest for...
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