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  • 09/06/2013 10:18

    Varieties of Realism/Anti-Realism

    Just back from Ruzomberok, I’m quite happy to see how great slovak philosophy conferences could be. The conference I have in mind is the Varieties of Realism/Anti-Realism organized by the  d epartment of philosophy at the Catholic University in  Ruzomberok . Featuring...

  • 25/05/2013 05:42

    COGITO research group cooperation

    I’d like to point out your attention to a research group of italian analytic philosophers called COGITO. As I had a chance to visit Italy and give a talk at one of the events organized by them, I can only agree that the group does a great job. In a near future...

  • 16/05/2013 08:31

    VARIETIES OF REALISM/ANTI-REALISM, June 5 – 7, 2013,Catholic University in Ruzomberok

    Here is quite an intersting event organized in Slovakia. Check for more details here: VARIETIES OF REALISM/ANTI-REALISM    

  • 14/05/2013 17:43

    Bielik's talk cancelled!

    Yes, due to a lot of things going on right now Lukas's talk is postponed. However, another term will be arranged soon.

  • 10/05/2013 09:10

    Bielik on PhD Seminar

      I am glad to announce another speaker at our seminars. It is our own Lukas Bielik with his ‘The New Riddle of Induction – Either the Old Problem or No Induction?‘. Abstract below. Abstract My presentation/lecture comes with Goodman´s original formulation of The New Riddle of Induction,...

  • 27/04/2013 09:31

    As some of you may know, the Slovak Metaphysical Society has found its new domain, namely We also changed the overall look of the sites and plan to include much much more in it. If you think there is something (sure, there is) we could improve, please let us know at...

  • 16/04/2013 00:00

    British Society for the History of Philosophy Annual Conference 2013: The Actual and the Possible

    Although the conference seems to reflect rather continental approaches to modality, some names indicate a quite interesting discussion. Just see the details if interested in the history of philosophy, from ancient Greece to the 20th century.   The University of York, 16th-18th April...

  • 11/04/2013 00:00

    Identity and Paradox

    Workshop “Identity and Paradox” CNRS research unit “Savoirs, Textes, Langage   Lille, France, April 11-12, 2013 Organizers: Giuseppina Ronzitti (STL), Tero Tulenheimo (STL, Lille 3)   Workshop Description On the one hand, the concept of identity naturally enters the...

  • 09/04/2013 17:12

    ASU Graduate Conference

    Back from Arizona I think some people are worth of mentioning. First of all I should thank to the organizers of 2013 Arizona State University Graduate Conference for having me there as well as their hospitality. Also, due to very useful comments of William Kilborn, Gabriel Uzquiano and...

  • 05/04/2013 15:52

    Arizona State University Philosophy Graduate Conference

    Arizona State University Philosophy Graduate Conference   Keynote Speakes:   Gabriel Uzquiano Richard Creath   Department of Philosophy, Arizona State University, Tempe, US      

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